Marriage FAQS

Below you will find important facts to obtaining appointments with New York City Clerk. 

Are you a tourist? If so, the below applies to you too! In addition, all tourists that reside in another country are highly encouraged to obtain an apostille from the Department of State of New York while you are here. The good news is that we are located in New York City. The city clerk and the department of state are both just a few blocks away from each other. 

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Getting Your Marriage License

Due to COVID-19, all NYC City Clerk offices are closed for walk-in services.


All couples must make an appointment with NYC City Clerk, online via Project Cupid website. Once you set your appointment date, you and future spouse will have a virtual or face to face date with a NYC City Clerk.


If  virtual,  you are your future spouse MUST be in the state of New York during that appointment.


After your marriage license appointment is completed with the NYC City Clerk, they will issued a marriage license the same day. 

Normally all you need is a valid government-issued photo ID (foreign or domestic) and be of legal age to apply for a marriage license. You can visit NYC City Clerk for alternate forms of ID or other requirements to obtain a marriage license.

Although appointment slots for NYC City Clerk are fluid on the site, appointments are released on a limited weekly basis occurring Thursday at 9am for virtual (extremely limited) or in person on Mondays at 9am. You can follow the NYC City Clerk on  Twitter for date announcements. 

Keep in mind your ceremony date must be within 60 days of the appointment or NYC City Clerk will cancel your appointment.

If you have an urgent matter, message them on Project Cupid website there is a link in purple, on the upper right hand corner of the page "report an issue." The city clerk should respond to you for a possible exception. 


Some couples have bypassed this whole process and just went in person to other cities, municipalities and/or townships that are open to obtain a marriage license.


We have the authority to marry anyone and if you obtain a marriage license from anywhere else in the state.

You can book me at any time during your marriage license process. While I am not in control of the website, or NYC City Clerk, I do my best to help couples through the finish line.